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In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said, “Ye are the light of the world.  A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.”  God has called us to bring light into a darkened world.  If we are to light this world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we must first put ourselves in a position to allow Him to shine through us.  John spoke of Jesus as the “true Light.”  When each of us allows that true Light to fill our hearts through prayer, we will then be able to let that Light shine out of us into the lives of those who walk in darkness. 


In conjunction with our “BE” theme, the 40 Days of Fire endeavor is a self-propelled choice to seek the face of God, and a time to allow God to use us.  This is carried out by focusing on the effective basic disciplines in God’s Word.  As you will see in this Passport, the 40 Days encompass the sacrificial disciplines of prayer and fasting.  The pinpoint focus of this initiative creates a compelling motivation in our hearts that will set the soul on FIRE, and will cause us to be more sensitive to our Lord and the lost world around us.  This initiative is not only for adults, but our children and youth are encouraged to participate, as well.  Now is the time for Life Tabernacle to unite together as a body of believers, catch the FIRE, and GO LIGHT OUR WORLD by GOING AND MAKING DISCIPLES!



January 2 - February 10

Church members are challenged to form new, positive and lasting prayer habits starting January 2 and continuing for 40 days.  We encourage participation in the following endeavors....

  • Daily prayer - Each person should commit to spend at least 15 minutes in prayer each day.
  • Family prayer - All participants are encouraged to make a special effort to be at Family Prayer the first Monday of the month at 7:00pm
  • Prayer Needs - A list of needs is inserted in this Passport as a suggested guide and each person can add their own list of prayer needs.
  • Praise Reports - Please turn in any answered prayers or victories to Pastor Kitchell to encourage your church family to continue their prayers.
  • Seven Items of Faith - Each person is encouraged to list 7 things that you are believing God to do in your life during the 40 Days of Fire.  List them on the reverse side of your insert.
  • Parents, encourage and include your children.  Focus on teaching them the power and blessing of prayer.




January 2 - February 10


Each person is encouraged to humble themselves through the discipline of fasting for four weeks during our 40 Days of Fire initiative.  Each week we will be focusing on different items to fast.  It’s not supposed to be comfortable, and that’s why it works.  It makes an impact on our lives, freeing our time and mental energy to spend time with God.  It is not to be trumpeted.  It is an act of decreasing, not showing what we are doing to others.  Please don’t dwell on how you cannot do this, just quietly take control of your flesh and submit to God.  Notice that each item we are giving up for 5 days begins with “ME.”  We must lose our “Me” focus and instead be “Him” focused, if we want Him to use us.  Let’s all participate and see what God can do!


Week 1 (January 14 - January 18) - MEALS

Choose your meal fast based on the following:
Medical Condition - There are fasts that are safe for individuals with medical conditions.
Work Responsibilities - If an individual has a strenuous job, it is recommended that they choose a fast that will allow them to continue working without putting themselves and others in danger.


Types of Meal Fast:

A. Fasting 6am - 6pm daily
B. Fast One Meal a Day for the week
C. A 24-hour period or extended period of time.


Week 2 (January 21 - January 25) - MEANINGFUL

This week is set aside to fast something that is meaningful to you as an individual.  it may be coffee, soft drinks, chocolate, a sport, a hobby, the phone, or even a complete Media fast again.  You should set aside something that is going to be the most meaningful to you.  Ask yourself this question, “What is something I eat, drink, or do that will be most noticed when taken away from ME?”  This is what you should give up for this particular week.


Week 3 (January 28 - February 1) - MEDIA

No internet, video/computer games, video, radio, or texting unless it is a work related requirement.  Our lives today are saturated by the incessant “noise” of media.  This fast frees us from much of the world’s distractions!  Use this time and freedom wisely.  Spend time with God, reading His Word, and focusing upon His will.  You may be surprised how well you can hear Him when you turn the media off!  Please listen to Him.  Instead of complaining about being bored, use this time to talk to God or become His hands to someone in need.


Week 4 (February 4 - February 8) - MEAT

This week is set aside to fast meat.  There are other sources of protein, but meat is generally the main staple of our daily diet.  This will be a reminder that we must have the meat of God’s Word to grow strong and healthy in our Christian walk.  All other food items can be eaten, but you will find that doing without meat makes a marked difference in your meals.  When you long for it, remind your body that God is in control of our life and we must submit ourselves to Him.



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